Hi, I’m Jeremy

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and ALS warrior. 

I share health and wellness information that doesn’t suck.

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What’s This All About?

I write to give a voice to people who our society has turned invisible. Like me. Covering topics like travel, new treatments, medical marijuana, and technology. Sometimes I even build things to help people with disabilities.

What people are saying about The Invisible Nation 

"I have been following you and this blog and I just want to tell you how amazing you are and how much what you are doing is incredible. [...] I continue to say you are A ROCK STAR!"

Jennifer De Gennaro

"I love knowing what goes on inside your brain and to see the world through your lens. "

Rachel Spring

"I so look forward to the release of your book and was excited to get the preview! You are such an eloquent writer [...] Your words are so important and need to be heard. Thank you for sharing."

Allison Seidner

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How to Better Cope with Loss

How to Better Cope with Loss

How To Better Cope With Loss – It might seem like the #pain of loss won’t end. Whether you lost a loved on and you’re #coping with #heartache or you have a new #disability and are #grieving the loss of your old life, there is sunshine above the clouds. I’ll show you how.

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